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Servicing to all makes of Computers

We can provide a full service for your pc from fitting a new BIOS battery to a complete Custom Built System to your own specification.


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We will undertake all types or repair work. If your computer is 'playing up' we'll make sure it 'behaves'. Ask us for a free quote. All repairs are guaranteed.

Modern technology changes very quickly. This is especially true for computers. If you want to get the best out of your internet experience, home computing, or gaming why not give your computer a 'facelift'? Modern computers allow many components inside the machine to be upgraded (replaced by better ones) to increase speed, memory or efficiency. We'll advise you on cost-effective internal upgrades to your existing computer in a way that makes sense. We won't 'blind' you with science'.

Custom Builds
Phoenix specializes in making custom-build computers at reasonable prices. If you want a computer that is designed specifically for gaming, for Internet surfing, or for digital image work then talk to us first. We'll actually listen to what you want before offering advice. We can then assist you in choosing what 'ingredients' will make your machine perfect for the task you need it for. Why settle for an off-the-shelf computer when you can have a purpose-built one?

Phoenix can service your machine to help you get that 'just like new' feeling. Even computers can do with a spring-clean sometimes! We can also undertake hard drive reformatting and re-installation of your existing or new operating system. The latest operating system from Microsoft is Windows XP (Microsoft no longer support Windows 95 & 98).

Virus Detection and Removal
Viruses can happen to any computer. If you are worried that your machine has a virus, or have been attacked by a virus, don't panic - we can help. We'll scan your machine and remove any offending viruses. Furthermore, we'll advise you on how to protect your machine in the future.


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